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Ghostqode teams up with you

Free sanity check

We love helping people figure out the best way to test their product idea. Schedule a session with us simply to pick our brains.

App prototype

Testing out a new idea? Need a simple MVP proof of concept? We will create an interactive prototype of your idea and determine how your project should be implemented. If we are a good fit for each other, we can plan on building your first launch. If you don't love the idea we'll turn over the project for you to keep.

Functional MVP

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Our process allows us to build a functional MVP-quality version of your project swiftly. Iteration and agile methodologies will enable us to focus on the unique aspects of your design while saving time and money. Features can be added later if necessary with little effort.

First Launch

Launching a new business? Have a tight deadline? Collaborate with us to quickly define what to build, design something great and get a well-designed web application or mobile application ready for launch in three to four weeks. We will adapt our process according to your needs to refine the right features while validating that they are needed.

Product Team

Building enterprise internal tools? Have an ongoing project? With our toolkit, which includes a designer, a builder, and a programmer to assist you in building the perfect product, all at your disposal, you'll have a super flexible way to keep launching products. This package includes a monthly rhythm, as well as continuous iteration and continuous deployment.

Strategic advice

Every business has the potential to be successful with digital marketing. We are here to help you take advantage of your company's experience growth and create new opportunities as well.

Practical tools

Innovation is a necessary part of the competition. Without it, you will not have the competitive edge needed to distinguish your company from other businesses in this increasingly crowded marketplace and stay ahead.


We equip leaders from strategy through execution

Product Strategy
We eliminate all the barriers that get in your way, so you can focus on getting actionable feedback to improve.

Ghostqode offers ideation services

User-friendly Design
We collaborate during multiple design rounds until we have created something that everyone agrees to be aesthetically appealing.

Ghostqode teams up with you

Visual Programming Tools
Concepts and innovative solutions are brought to life quickly and efficiently using our favorite tools. This allows for drag-and-drop operations that will bring your ideas into reality much faster than expected.

Ghostqode believes in innovation

Coding Solutions
Sometimes, we need to add custom code for a smaller part of the project. Usually this is just a small addition that doesn't require any major changes in our development process or workflow.

Ghostqode belives everyone should be able to create technology

Remote Management
Our team uses Slack to stay in touch. We manage everything through our Ghostqode dashboard and Loom, which we use for video updates when necessary. Every Friday, we present a weekly email update or schedule a call with you to discuss your priorities and user feedback.

Ghostqode provides ongoing support