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tactful methodologies

Strategic Consultation

We love helping people figure out the best way to test their marketing and product idea. Schedule a session with us simply to pick our brains.

gq services

Stunning websites and functional products that generate revenue!

Ghostqode designs and develops marketing websites

Marketing Websites

Ghostqode makes the entire process — from initial development to ongoing maintenance and updates — a whole lot easier.

  • We build professional, responsive, and custom websites with a robust and easy-to-use Webflow CMS.
  • Launch and edit new landing pages based on your marketing goals. Tweak everything from copy and SEO markup to recurring elements like customer quotes without breaking the original design.
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Ghostqode designs and develops custom applications

Custom Applications

Create workflows, ranging from simple prototypes to complex marketplaces, and SaaS products on framework.

  • Marketplaces like Fiver or Uber.
    Internal Tools like Hubspot or SalesForce.
    Dashboards like Tableau or Zoho,
    Productivity Tools like Trello or Kanban.
    Social Media like Instagram, MeetUp, Patreon and much more.
  • Custom apps upon request, including on-demand, directories, and more.
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Ghostqode has a qualified development team

Development Team

For ongoing projects, enjoy a super flexible way to keep building landing pages and launching products.

  • Have an ongoing project or need long term maintenance? You'll have a super flexible working relationship with our team with continuous iteration and continuous deployment.
  • For complex projects with full customization and unique design, we offer a wide range of development solutions for any industry.
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ghostqode approach

We empower leaders from strategy to execution with a growth mindset.

Ghostqode product strategy

Product Strategy

We eliminate the barriers to nocode tools that get in your way, so you can focus on getting actionable feedback to improve.
Ghostqode user-focused design

User-focused Design

We collaborate during multiple design rounds until we have created something that everyone agrees to be aesthetically appealing.
Ghostqode visual design

Visual Developers

Solutions are brought to life quickly using our favorite tools: Webflow, Bubble, Zapier, AirTable, Figma, Stripe, Shopify, and more.
Ghostqode  low code

Low Code

Sometimes, we need to add snippet codes. A small addition that doesn't require any major change in our development process or workflow.
Ghostqode remote management

Remote Management

Daily communication in your chat platform of choice. Out team uses Slack. Feels like you just hired a team of super technical talent in-house.

Enterprise Scale

Service-level agreements to find creative solutions that break nocode limitations: any API integration, Auth, and external data sources.
Bob McKim

"I was doing research for a companion to help provide services for an online and digital environment team when I came upon Ghostqode. We got together on a zoom call and the team sounded knowledgeable and presented an easy potential colleague. The first assignment was almost impossible but they worked tirelessly and cleared the way. I recommend Ghostqode for diligence, focus, creativity, and cost-effectiveness."

Porsche Terry
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

"Gave me a lot of knowledge on how to maintain it, and were very patient with my vision. Prior to getting my site designed professionally, my site kind of look like a MySpace page. It's a very great investment into your business, and the services will pay for itself very quickly. Definitely worth it."

Renata Porter
Business Leadership Consultant

"Ghostqode was wonderful to work with. The entire process was smooth and painless. They understood what I was looking for, openly asked for feedback, and worked quickly. Not only did they deliver on timeliness but they over delivered in look, design, and functionality. I am thoroughly pleased and would highly recommend it to anyone!"

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