10 Ways to Make Your App User Friendly

If you've ever used a mobile app and thought, Wow, I really like using that, chances are good that user experience design is a big reason why. The recipe for good app design isn’t too different from the standards—users still want it fast, easy, fun, and engaging. But in addition to those basic needs, mobile users must also contend with their environment: tiny screens (relative to desktop), spotty connectivity, minimal processing power, and storage space. And let’s not forget about battery life!

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Why you need an API to grow your business

As the need to foster innovation and growth increases, so too do the tools available to spur innovation and growth in businesses of all sizes. One such tool that’s on the rise in importance and popularity? Application programming interfaces (APIs). What are APIs, though, and why should you care about them? And what can they do for your business? This article will answer these questions and more, so keep reading!

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2022 and the future of marketing!

As technology advances and consumer behavior changes, what will marketing look like in the year 2022? Get a sneak peak at some of the biggest trends to watch out for!

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