Everything you need to know when developing a business app. Your users will thank you!

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Everything you need to know when developing a business app. Your users will thank you!

Everything you need to know when developing a business app. Your users will thank you!

If you want your business to grow, you need to invest in a mobile app. After all, a report listed onData Reportal found that people spend an average of 3 hours and 36 minutes on their phones every day. This is also how the number of mobile users is growing after reaching 4.38 billion early this year. Therefore, a mobile app will allow your business to expand its reach and provide a more accessible way for people to access your services.

However, making business apps isn't easy. There are a couple of things it needs to have, no matter its purpose. Below are some of them.

Excellent UX/UI

Mobile app design flaws can come from the user experience (UX) and user interface (UI). We thoroughly explained the distinction between the two in our post entitled User Experience, What Is It? The UX & UI DesignMethod. But essentially, UX is concerned with how well is the user's interaction with the app. Questions like "Is it easy to use?" and "Can I navigate it quickly?" all fall under UX.

Meanwhile, UI is more concerned with the app's layout and design. Questions like "Are the colors too bright?" or "Is the font readable?" are concerned with this particular factor. Our research on the topic has shown that great UX/UI will keep your users happy and even increase sales.

However, it's not just enough to hire ordinary app programmers, as they need a UX and UI background. You can hire dedicated UX and UI designers as well if you have the extra budget.

Great security 

Mobile apps have always been a target for attacks, primarily because of the number of consumers that use them. This has led to a demand for cybersecurity professionals in several fields, which has prompted universities to improve their programs. As a result, there are now significantly more professionals available to hire.

For instance, those who have graduated from Colorado StateUniversity Global's cybersecurity undergraduate program have pursued careers in network security, forensic analysis, and other specializations that help them protect apps from attacks. On the other hand, students from Maryville University's cybersecurity program are allowed to choose from many tracks, one of which is offensive security. These professionals specialize in ethical hacking. Hacker's methods evolve daily, so it's crucial to not only protect your data but to test it out against potential threats as well. That's the role of an ethical hacker.

Your mobile app team should have a good mix of both types of cybersecurity professionals to ensure that your app is well-protected.

Cross-platform support

To reach out to the most significant number of mobile users, you must ensure that you cater to both ios and Android. The notion may sound simple, but having a working app for both systems needs more resources to build and maintain. This is mainly because Apple and Google made their code differently — even to the point of using different programming languages — so security barriers, compatibility tools, and other features need to be separately written for each platform. For this reason, it's essential to hire a versatile team of developers that knows how to work on both platforms.

Every business app may have different uses, from online shopping to streaming, but the three points mentioned above are consistent across the board. Whatever app you come up with, it's imperative that it's easy to use, well-protected, and well-supported across all platforms. 

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