Employee monitoring tools are surging in growth due to stay-at-home orders!

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Employee monitoring tools are surging in growth due to stay-at-home orders!

Employee monitoring tools are surging in growth due to stay-at-home orders!

Since remote work is the new reality for millions of people worldwide, an increasing number of companies are looking for ways to monitor employee effectiveness. Recent stay-at-home-orders have allowed employees in almost every industry, from live TV production to trading multi-asset class hedge funding portfolios, to do things at home that they never believed possible.

With more of their employees in their pajamas, the task of figuring out how hard they work has become increasingly difficult for employers. With the current pandemic, this is even more complicated because of childcare demands, sicknesses between family, and constant pet interruptions, all depending on the household.

Companies didn't intend to be in this tough position, but now they have to accept and embrace it. In a survey by the staffing firm [Robert Half,] ( Over 50% of professionals who are transitioning to a remote or "work-from-home" setup say that they have a better work-life balance because they do not have to deal with a commute. The survey also found that over 70% of respondents would like to telecommute more often once restrictions lift.

The CEO of Prodoscore, a leading employee productivity tracking tool that helps increase revenue, mentioned that the coronavirus has led to tremendous growth for the company with interest from potential customers climbing 600%. Prodoscore is about making it easier for companies to maximize their team's profit potential, and CEO Sam Nacify says that their technology is precisely what is needed at this time. Prodoscore suggests that employers inform workers that they are being monitored though, it is not required.

Reggie Scales, Vonage's Senior Vice President, has been using Prodoscore for a couple of years to help him track his sales team and provide better input. It has worked so well, he said, that he is considering making it a permanent change.

According to Google Trends(, there has been a significant jump in searches for "employee surveillance." Workplace experts advise full transparency when it comes to monitoring software, so employees don't feel like they are being taken advantage of or micromanaged by their bosses.

Dawn Fay, a senior district president for Robert Half, said that it would be immediately disturbing even to hear the word surveillance for some employees, particularly since it seems new and may seem like an invasion of privacy. If employees believe that their boss can not trust that they work and are productive while away, it may adversely affect corporate morale, which may impact retention, she continued.

Naficy from Prodoscore says that while Prodoscore can see things like time spent on the phone or the use of specific work software, web-browsing, online shopping, or the occasional checking of sports scores are not being tracked. It instead looks at everyday points of activity for apps such as calendar, documents, phone calls, and mail, of course. He claims that their technology is a tool to keep track of productivity, engaging employees, and mainly sales departments and forces to provide them a real-time scoring system for their activity.